Choir and Choir :P

I had no idea that choir would take over my life during Lent and Eastertime stuff. We have practices on weird days/times, as well as that retreat we had. It just ended tonight, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t enjoy the bible-thumping talk. Now, I know catholics don’t really have bible-thumpers, but we kind of had one come in and talk to us the whole week. Unfortunately for the choir, we had to be there every other night. If it was every night, someone would’ve died, and I would’ve been the one comitting the murder. The topic on Tuesday was “Light” and we sang lots of songs with light in the title. Tonight was…. something. I was late (on purpose), and only sang the ending song, which was “We Remember”. Gah I’ve sung that song so many times that it’s actually stuck in my head right now.

I got made fun of in my e-fundies class today. Now, for those who don’t read my blog anyways, but may when I’m dead and gone, e-fundies is electrical fundamentals (the first of three, but i only have to take this one). My teacher caught me yawning, and asked if i had a rough night, and if he was keeping me up. How lame. At least he picked on other people way more than me. Ok it’s ni ni time. I’m really super tired.


One thought on “Choir and Choir :P

  1. I’m suprised you don’t freak at Christmas time either. I always get pimped out to a million choir/vocal things during that time. Right now is crazy too, but I don’t have to put off fun Holiday-activities to participate.



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