The Good and the Bad

I’ve found out that life is full of good, and bad, things. You may think, “Well, Kristin, ner.” I know, I already knew that too. But now I really appreciate what that means. This may sound petty, but I deserve to get good grades. I work my tail off in school. My friend Nate is one of those slower beings. He’s pretty laid back, and he’s Scottish (that should explain it all away). Side note: he makes fun of me for being British, but at least I don’t have any gingers in my family. So, I’ve helped him with math all quarter so far: we study relentlessly together, and he asks me the most retarded questions half the time. You know, I tutor and help younger kids out, so it’s not a big deal to help someone else out with their work. What pisses me off is when I study for hours and get a bloody C on my exam, whereas he gets a flippin A. What the hell?! Did I do something wrong?!?!

It’s getting late, and I’m slightly intoxicated. Such deep thoughts are found at the bottom of a beer (well, a few beers, not one). Remind me to tell you that story about how I hit a mountain with my car.


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