Instead of being able to just talk things through, we always have to bring up the whore issue. Our discussions are littered with crap like this on a regular basis.

(20:52:23) Crystal: guess what i got
(20:52:27) Me: a pimp?
(20:52:33) Crystal: lol no
(20:52:41) Me: what what?
(20:52:43) Crystal: i pimp my own bitches
(20:52:45) Me: lol
(20:52:46) Me: i know
(20:52:49) Crystal: I got a pool cue
(20:52:52) Me: sweet
(20:53:10) Crystal: what?
(20:53:15) Crystal: did i already tell you?
(20:54:11) Me: no!!!
(20:54:19) Me: i know that you pimp your own bitches
(20:54:22) Crystal: ohhh
(20:54:23) Crystal: lol
(20:54:25) Me: by the way, can i have a different street corner?
(20:54:34) Crystal: jeez, you keep asking
(20:54:40) Me: hahahaha
(20:54:45) Crystal: how many time do i have to move you around?
(20:55:00) Me: lots
(20:55:09) Me: i have a fat black chick next to me and she smells like rotton fish
(20:55:19) Crystal: ewww
(20:55:24) Crystal: ill kick her in the taco
(20:55:28) Crystal: actually, scratch that
(20:55:28) Me: lol ok
(20:55:31) Crystal: she wouldnt feel it
(20:56:14) Me: yeah, it’s all cavernous
(20:56:22) Me: she’s such a slutty hoebag.
(20:56:30) Me: well, that doesnt make me any better :-S
(20:56:32) Crystal: hahaha
(20:56:37) Crystal: its ok, you are far better than her


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