Exhausted to the umpteenth degree.

I’ve got Handel’s Messiah stuck in my head right now, and it’s telling me to trust in God that he would deliver him, et cetera. Choir does that to me sometimes – I’ll be humming the damn thing all night. The boys sing this really pretty song called “Come Travel With Me” by some woman named Lynne Gacre (I’m not sure about the last name…) It’s sooooo pretty, and the guys actually have talent, so I really don’t mind listening whenever they sing it. Our girl song is called “Walkin’ ‘Round Heaven”, and it’s for SSA. It’s a bizarre song, but it’s growing on me, I suppose. I sing first soprano, so I have a few rediculously high parts. I don’t usually sing first :-S Well, sometimes. There’s this lady who sits next to me, and she moans and groans whenever we have to stand up. She also sings very opratic, which isn’t really the style we’re going for. The Uni Chorale (and Bella Voce) have a very lyrical sound, and she kind of breaks that. She can sing high, though. Very, very high. I think that’s her only redeeming quality. If I weren’t condemned to the firsts, I would sit as far away from that woman as humanly possible.

I’m tired. That’s mainly what this is about. I got too much sleep last night, I’ve decided. It’s 10:54 and my eyes are bluring, my head is falling forward, and I have a headache the size of Lake Superior. After tomorrow, I’m going to sleep – a lot. Maybe my being depressed tonight has to do with the so little sleep I’ve had. I tallied it, and if I got 5 last night, and 2 both nights before… I’ve slept enough for 1 night and a bit. I’m doing worse with the amount of sleep I’ve had now moreso than during the actual school year. Something’s gotta give. Maybe if I got more sleep, it’d be easier for me to get my stuff done, so then I could get more sleep, and it would be a positive circle. If not, I’m doing one of those negative spiraly-doos into the depths of hell. Joe didn’t help at all. I think he’s my problem. At least he finally understands that we’re not together. It’s like a huge weight has lifted off my chest. I’m not really ready to date seriously yet, though. Maybe go out a few times, you know? We’ll see what happens. I need sleep.


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