The Mountain Story (finally)

I promised many of you I’d tell the story of how I ran into a mountain in my car. I’m warning you that it isn’t as exciting as promised.

I used to ride horses at a training barn for AA circuit horses. These are very expensive, very beautiful horses that I got to ride and train. Well, Aloe did most of the training, I just got to ride them and get ribbons for jumping fences and looking cute. So, after riding one day and smelling to the high-heavens, I was leaving to take Clara home. She was 10 at the time, and soooo cute. She got lessons by Aloe or Cimmer a few days a week, or she’d help me clean the barn and do random chores around the place. That day, we had gone on a trail ride to Big Basin. For those who don’t know what Big Basin is, it’s a forest in Northern California with giant sequoias. Many families (including my own) go camping there for the better part of a week during the summer.

So, if we were in the mountains, obviously the roads are curvy. You cannot have straight roads in the mountains, or you’d be somewhat hosed as your car pointed 45 degrees southward. Eep. After dropping her off, I began to back up. Well, guess what? There was a mountain in the way. Yes, Kristin didn’t see a great big fricken mountain behind her car. It was made of crumbly pressed sandstone, eluding to an alluvial history when it was once under water. Said crumbly pressed sandstone lodged itself into my tailpipe, and scratched my bumper up good and proper. It was so pristine before the friggin ‘accident’.

I had to crouch on the ground in my filthy riding clothes, sticking my riding crop up the tailpipe to try to get all the sandstone out. Clara got me a screwdriver so it was easier to dislodge, until I had really tiny bits left. I burned my hand trying to get them all out. I frown each time I see my bumper now… it still has bits of fieldgrass stuck in it too. I just can’t seem to get it all out 🙂

There. Are you happy now? I’m as oblivious as a seven year old with ADD. Everyone point and laugh at Kristin. Yep, there you go. Don’t you feel better now?

—By the way, did you know that a silver Sharpie covers up rock chips really well on a silver car??


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