I seem to have forgotten what its like to go out and have fun. I was perfectly content sitting at home tonight; I had a tuna…thing… infront of me, a simple salad, the telly, and my kitty all around me. I had iced my leg (I pulled my hamstring running today & surprisingly, it really truly hurts), and taken some paracetamol, so it wasn’t that bad. I was just going to watch cartoons or something until I was too tired to keep my eyes open, and then sleep. I know – pathetic.

Fortunately for myself, I took something a bit stronger the next time my ‘drug time’ wound around, and I was feeling good enough to go out to Nick’s party. Wow, that was… uhm, how do you describe it… a train wreck. His roommate Rick had invited over some people from work, and Nick happens to hate all of them. So I got the whole story, in great detail, if I wanted it or not. The girls didn’t have two brain cells to rub together, not to mention there was a tremendous IQ drop if you entered the room. Nick and I decided to take advantage of this and go to Winco to scout for EL Fudge cookies (and yes, we found them, and they were good). We got back, played some WWF on the Dreamcast (yes, they still exist), and then watched V for Vindetta in his room. Everyone else was still there, and still loud. At one point, the police came by, but they didnt know we were there since we were hidden in the back. No, nothing happened. We did fix his bed, though. Amazing feat of engineering. (we put the slats back on underneath the mattress).

Now, it’s nearly 4 am, and I’m exhausted. Time for sleep.


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