Soooo sleepy.

Do you ever have days where you just drag ass all day long? Yeah, today was one of those days. I’m also incredibly sexually frustruated. Yes, you heard me correctly – sexually frustrated. I haven’t been laid in forever, not to mention sexual innuendos from old school friends don’t help either. I was speaking to one of my friends from high school earlier, and he just teased me merciliously for about an hour. He lives with his current girlfriend in DC (which isnt a state, and therefore shouldn’t have representation in the House or Senate… but that’s just my opinion), but still isn’t above winding me up. After he left, I spoke to a few other friends and it just got worse and worse. Maybe this is what a nun who’s had sex before feels like after a few years in the convent.

Other than that, I’m going back to bed. I hate feeling rundown for no apparent reason whatsoever. It’s frustrating, isnt it? Maybe I should clean the kitchen first… I kind of left it trashed a few days ago, and have yet to de-funk it.


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