Wave Lab pics

People keep asking me what we’re doing at the wave lab, so here are some pictures!

This is our gravel shoot. It creates landslide tsunamis by, well, shooting gravel into the water.

This is the view from right below my office. As you can see, the tank has no water in it. I think we’re done with this experiment, and we have to wait to take the stuff out until it’s utterly dry. I’ll have to ask someone about that.

This is the large wave flume. We’re doing a dune overtopping experiment right now. You can see the waves running! And notice the OSU flag 🙂

SO, that’s what’s going on at work. Hooray!


One thought on “Wave Lab pics

  1. I lied, we’re actually doing beach erosion. So, the erosion right now is just an initial sand-shifting. After we’re done with that, I actually have to do work because I’m heavily involved in our coastal erosion projects. Boo on that. *ppft* Who would’ve thought I would actually have to work this summer?

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