Maybe he’s gone?

I sat here tonight thinking I should be honest with people. I had to be honest with the guy I just dated, saying that I just got out of a very bad relationship, and to be patient with me for the first bit. He was okay with it, and seemed happy that I told him and was up front with it. Talked to Joe, and said “Yes, I know about her, but it’s a moot point” bla bla bla. The rest of the conversation was me saying that he’s not allowed to say anything emotional to me ever again or I’d go insane (to put it very bluntly), and he told me he loved me (again), and I said (again) that he couldn’t say that anymore b/c it messed w/ my brain. Emotional games are not ok.

So, hopefully after many pints of soy ice cream and cans of pop, I’ll be okay. This really isn’t the best week to be upset, since my degree hinges on my friday exam. *shudders* Am I nervous? You betcha.

Another note: Kitty is sneezing a lot, and I don’t know if it’s allergies (I keep the windows open a lot, and my house is pretty dusty), or if he has some sort of bacteria. I dunno what to do :-S


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