Getting Lost :-P

(22:16:48) Me: so, i got lost today
(22:17:18) Crystal: ?
(22:17:19) Crystal: where?
(22:18:15) Me: i was driving down 53rd
(22:18:21) Me: i saw a field burning, so i wanted to go see
(22:18:27) Me: and i drove through fire
(22:18:28) Me: sort of.
(22:18:41) Me: it was like, 5 feet from my car, and the smoke was everywhere, and i couldnt see
(22:18:46) Me: then i turned left at Bellfountain rd
(22:18:47) Crystal: 😦
(22:18:56) Me: and i thought, hey, there’ll be a turn around somewhere
(22:18:58) Me: no dice.
(22:19:04) Crystal: oi, that sucks
(22:19:16) Me: i passed a huge mass production christmas tree farm
(22:19:26) Me: and Finley forest
(22:19:30) Me: and then a logging camp
(22:19:39) Me: and then some neat geology
(22:19:51) Me: and then passed a sign that said “Alsea, 5 miles”
(22:19:57) Me: i was like “Crap.”
(22:20:06) Crystal: hahahaha, shitttt, that is no good
(22:20:11) Crystal: how long did that take you?
(22:20:14) Me: loooong
(22:20:25) Me: then i got to bellfountain proper, and it’s right to the west of monroe
(22:20:33) Me: πŸ˜›
(22:20:42) Me: so it was 18-20 miles away towards eugene
(22:21:48) Me: so i eventually got back to hwy 99, and drove home
(22:21:52) Crystal: ugh
(22:21:54) Crystal: that sucks
(22:21:59) Me: but not before stopping at the co-op for hippy preserves
(22:22:02) Crystal: good thing you had enough gas
(22:22:04) Crystal: lol
(22:22:14) Me: no kidding


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