Oh goodie.

This is really becomming a whine-fest, I think. I swore to myself I wouldn’t whine on my blog, since my friends get enough of that as is. But, whatever. So, today at work was interesting enough. We had these really important NEES people coming, and I gave a short presentation on my coastal erosion project. They weren’t impressed, I think. I just thought my slides looked nice. Maybe they weren’t impressed because I was in dirty, ripped jeans with sand and mud all over me. I was crawling around in the wave flume resetting my instruments. After that, Alicia gave them a tour while I was sent to Bi-Mart to buy a hair dryer. So, the Army guys dropped our remote for the crane in the tsunami tank. What retards.

Them: “Oh, Kristin can go get us a hair dryer, she’s a girl.”
Me: “Well spotted.”
Them: “It better not be pink.”
Me: “It’ll be whatever damn colour I want it to be!”

And then I went to Bi-Mart. It’s full of stupid people. Then I played in sand some more, and helped get a dead bird out of the large flume. Oh, and we got the remote out of the tsunami tank, and got it dried out. Again, I’m surrounded by stupid people. I think tonight, I’ll hang out with Andrew some more, watch a movie maybe, and have dinner. Oh crap, I’m supposed to cook for him. Christ.


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