I hate waiting for things. Tonight when Andrew and I made dinner together, he lauged at me because the chicken wasn’t quite done yet, and I was too anxious to start eating. It was quite good, actually. The broccoli burned too, so I made peas. All in all, it was a tasty dinner. But, my real issue is proschool.

So, to continue as an engineer at OSU, you have to reapply to the program after two years. Because my math grade is still, regrettably, a Y, I cannot be accepted to the last two years of my degree. And because of that, I can’t register, and since I’ll be in Europe for two weeks, and two at home, I have to kind of make the move now. It’s all my professor’s fault I can’t finish my degree, and honestly, I want to maim him. So, I registered for physics classes – a LOT of physics classes. I’m unofficially a physics major until I hear from the engineering department. If they’re lame until school starts, then I have to change, because it’s all his fault.

Argh, I hate being frustrated.


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