Europe…. *sigh*

Well, England was just luuuvly. I had such a brilliant time! This is what transpired:

Day 01: Flew into Heathrow, and stood in customs for an hour (at least). When I stepped up to the counter, the lady said, “But, you sound British.” “I grew up here for 11 years, so yes, some almagomy of british and american.” and on and on. It was stupid. Duke and I pissed about London, and I showed him where I grew up, where I went to school, uni, etc. Also showed him Parliment and such, and how to navigate the tube. Saw my family, and they’re good.

Day 02: Took the train at the asscrack of 8 am to get to Stoke-on-Trent. It was pouring all day. Went to Alton Towers, which was loads of fun 🙂 Went to the pub for dinner, and some much-needed beer.

Day 03: Drove through the Peak District, and stopped in Buxton for lunch and stuff. Cute town. Saw a castle, but we got lost and didn’t end up seeing it. Got lost like, 8 times. 😉 Ended up in Manchester for the night, I believe. Went to Nandos for dinner (which was tasty, btw – I love their veggie pittas).

Day 04: Drove on to York, and kind of took a side route through Halifax. Eventually made it to York, and walked around the wall a bit, saw some stuff, and found a place to stay. Got lost on foot in York that night, so we saw pretty much everything. Went to the pub, and watched the end of the rugby game. Don’t remember who was playing, but it’s still a violent sport, and I’ll have none of it.

Day 05: Breakfast was really good. I missed eating Weetabix and yoghurt. The toast was just an added bonus. York all day long. Could never get tired of the place. Went to the National Rail Museum, which was brilliant. Saw the castle thingie, but wasn’t about to pay £3 to walk up some stairs. Seeing it from the outside is just as well as the inside. Got ice cream instead. That was much better. Walked along the wall some more. Stayed in a Travelodge that night, which was really nice.

Day 06: Left York for London on the GNER. Trains were about 45 mins late, so we had no trolly lady. I got internet access for the first time in four days on the train. I love wifi. Got to London and saw Platforms 9 and 10 at St. Pancras, so my Harry Potterness was fulfilled. I dumped my luggage at Waterloo station. Went to my aunt’s house really quickly for food and to pick up various nussundary of items. Got a lovely coat, and got my Chelsea kit. That was the most important thing I left there. Even got Matty’s Chelsea key ring, but don’t tell him that. Took the Eurostar to Paris. No trolly lady there, either. I think the Virgin trains are nicer, tbh. Was in the chunnel for only 20 mins, even though the trainride is 2 1/2 hours long. Cranky at this point, and I just want to go home. Duke never found me in the train station. I had to order food in french, which I’m surprised worked. Walked around Montparnasse, which is by Caroline’s flat. France is smelly.

Day 07: Had to ask for a metro ticket in French, and I didn’t get shot, so that was good. It didn’t work, though. Worked everywhere else except in that station. Went all over Paris. Saw Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, L’Obelisk, etc. My feet hurt really bad now, and I think they’re bleeding. Had too many sandwiches. The french sure do love their baguettes. Saw someone get head in public. That was wrong. We’ve been spying on the bloke across the way, and we’ve named him Nick. Nick had sex with his girlfriend last night. Saw much too much. Once I saw his bare arse, I had to stop watching. Gah it was wrong.

Day 08: This is the day we’re finally up to. I woke up around 10, and am still in my pjs, even though it’s just after twelve. Am going to have a bath eventually, like now. Duke is antsy to leave, and I’m in such a bad mood I’m afraid my words might kill him. Forgot to turn my mobile on, so I better go do that. Someone’s playing Michael Jackson out their window, and I can hear it. I need a cuddle 😦

So, that’s where I am now. Had loads of fun in England, not too much fun here. I’d rather be back with my cousins or w/ my friends. I also have an intense need to see Andrew, but I’ll just have to wait four more days or something. I can’t wait 🙂 I should probably mail my postcards sometime soon as well, since I couldn’t be bothered to while I was in York.

Ok, bath time 🙂 And then it’s Ribena and dairy milk for dessert.


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