Do you ever have that feeling…

I really want to talk about something kind of serious, but not just to anyone. I mean, I’d rather it be Andrew, but he’s busy half the time, and I don’t want to bug him. I feel like the infernal stalker girlfriend when I email or call him and I know he’s doing other things. He and my friends will poo-poo that though, saying “If you have a problem, you can always come to me with it, no matter what time of day or night.” This isn’t for friends’ ears (who’s to say it isn’t about them?!), and I just dont want to bug him sometimes. It’s not right.

I’m babbling now, and I’m tired enough that I’m falling asleep at my keyboard. It’s time for sleep. Tell kitty that though: he’s inspecting my fairy I brought from home like its a foreign insect on my wall.

*sigh* Goodnight.


One thought on “Do you ever have that feeling…

  1. Bah, it leaves my mark there still lol

    Just basically said that he’s your boyfriend and it’s what he’s there for!

    And also, while not wanting to rubbish your comments, if you ever do want to speak to me I’ll always do my best to make time for you. That’s not an obligation – I just like to know that people have time for me too.

    Hope you’re okay x

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