Things sometimes just don’t make sense.

So, here are a few things which don’t make any sense:

1) If someone pisses you off, why do you remain with that person? One of my mates is totally nuts. She lives with her boyfriend in London, and they drive each other mad, but still live with each other. I think they’re going on their 3rd year or so. He drives me crazy as well. Just like a stalker. Reads my blog, looks at my myspace. I think he thinks Lizzy and I are going to run away together like some kind of lesbian couple. Forget the fact that I have a boyfriend. She complains incessantly about him and how stalker-esque he is, but refuses to do anything. “It’ll hurt his feelings!” Oh like hell it will. Don’t think about the other’s feelings if you’re unhappy.

2) Why do they show old footy matches on FSN? I want to watch England’s current matches, not ones against the Dutch from a few years ago. Rubbish! At least I get to see Lampard, Owen and Beckham play *swoons*

3) I’ve danced since I was three, but still have the technique and talent of a black bear.

The rest of it, well, you dont need to know. I’ll figure that lot out on my own. Wouldn’t want my stalker to know these things.


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