Apparently I wasn’t quite clear to my other stalkers when I said the story was about Lizzy. I know you all fancy yourself to be important, and think I’d secretly write about Lizzy but mean you, but you’re sadly mistaken. Lizzy’s home life is more fucked up than yours (even though I can think of a couple who are pretty close to that).

When I was driving around BFN England, we saw this sign:

This is near Whitechurch. Here’s the other one:
A ha, yes, here we go. So, this really is in BFN, and we got lost a few times driving around (the roundabout in this area just BLOWS). It’s so confusing. Oh! I remembered this because I saw that Andrew joined a group about irony, and this surely shows it. Too many secret bunker signs (I think we found a secret barracks once too). Oh, and this sign is near the home where mum grew up:
Hehe, faster, then slower. Grrr. I love it when they do this in Oregon as well – it’s just not right.

I think that’s everything out of the way. So, to recap: Don’t think yourself important. For shite like this, I don’t use an alternate identity. If you have a crappy relationship and it needs to stop, I’ll say so. Number two, I know that bunkers and such are fun, but if they’re meant to be secret, then don’t tell anyone about them! Gah.


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