Yes, life can get worse.

Those of you will be happy to note that Andrew broke up with me tonight. And to think he got brownie points last night for not letting me suffer through a dead deer, broken arm… hey, I’ve had a crappy week, alright? He likes me, but he doesn’t want to date me. He said “I can’t figure it out, and it’s been bothering me for a few weeks now.” Well, I wish he told me a few weeks ago before I became emotionally tied to this relationship. I really, really like him, and he doesn’t like me at all. He likes this girl named Molly, and told me tonight that he found out that she and her boyfriend broke up last week. So, he’ll go after that. Where does that leave me? Soulless. Empty. Angry. Upset. Devistated. Hurt. Abandoned. Recycled. The list goes on. I thought I wanted to crawl into a hole before, but now… now I want someone to bury me in it.


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