Day 2

So, this was the 2nd full day of the diet so far. I’ve tried SO hard, but Jason made me a surprise last night… he came over with super sweet muffins and made me bread pudding. Granted, it was really good, but I think it cost me 10 points or something. I kept my portion small (only a cup), and I ate it slow so it would last longer. I also went cycling both yesterday and today, on two new routes. Yesterday, down 53rd, through Bald Hill park, down to 35th, past the lab (and said hi to Kenz), then around by home, then back home. Today, I rode through Philomath and back up Hwy 20. That was scary with all the cars around me, and that huge hill where Corvallis starts and Philomath ends. You know, I was grinning like a nutter when I got to the top of that hill. I suck at hills!! But, I made it up, and then I rode down the bike path to Country Club, and rode up that second hill. It was a bit steeper, but hey, getting up there was awesome. So, I feel great today. Tired, but great. I’m going to try a new recipe for dinner tonight I found off the WW site: Stuffed potato skins with spinach and turkey bacon. Mmm 🙂

I’ll tell you how I’m doing after the weekend’s over, and if the diet it still working. First weigh in on Monday!! 😀


Oh, and Ash, thanks for joining me on this. You’re the best sister ever!! xx


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