It’s been awhile.

I keep forgetting to post here. I have a .mac account, so I have a blog there, but this is still my “main” one I suppose. I should set up an RSS feed or something. Well, Jason and I are still dating. He’s still sweet, and still hasn’t defended his thesis yet. We’re working on that (he has 8 weeks until the end of school, and he ABSOLUTELY has to defend by then). Other than that, not much is going on. My arm is unbroken, I joined Weight Watchers, and Becca moved in and is moving out in June (to never move in again). She NEEDS to disappear. She drives me insane. When I have the house to myself again, life will be good. Thank goodnes. My parents have asked why J and I aren’t living together yet, and I said “Well ner, we’ve not even dated a YEAR yet.” His grandma asked him too. Hehe, strange.

Well, I have a final on Monday (yikes), so I have to study.

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