Do you know how good Cherry Garcia is? My tummy does now. I DID get out my measuring cups, and only had 1/2 a cup of the low fat frozen yogurt. 3 Points for the tasty treat. It was a good dessert after a chicken breast shishkebob and half a serving of green peppers. I might be 5 points under my daily allotted 25 points (and I did work out today, even though they only gave me 3 pts for doing weight training and elliptical for 35 mins – I burned 300 cals tho!), but I made bad choices today. The beginning was okay, with an egg-white omelette, turkey bacon, chives, mushrooms, and whole wheat toast (2 slices). The meal was 7 points. Then I worked out, had a diet coke, and a small lunch-box size of raisins (2 points). Dinner was the chicken breast (a WHOLE one, which was 5.5 points), and free points for the pepper. Then Cherry Garcia for dessert… and somewhere in there I had half a bag of Dark M&Ms… that was 2.5 points. Crap. The M&Ms were an impulse thing. I need to get rid of candy – just get it out of the house, you know? I can have hard candies, because you can suck on those, but having candy that I can take a handful of sucks.

At least I worked out today. That makes me feel better about myself. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully my weigh-in when I get up isnt going to be surprising. 🙂


One thought on “Hmm.

  1. You’re doing pretty good. The important thing is you are aware of what you are eating. The cherry garcia is amazing. Just sadly not so WW friendly. Measuring cups are my best friends— everything in moderation. The best solution for the m&m’s: get them out of the house. Take them to Jason, your friends or even a sorority meeting (you know that’d get them gone by the end of the night). Or maybe you can use them to pelt at your squirell… or a certian “broken” person.

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