First Weigh-In & Stress

So, this morning was my first weigh-in. I was excited, actually. I left Jason’s around 8:20 and hitailed it across town so I would make it to class with only being 8 minutes late (I’m always late to Classical Mechanics). So, from 181 last week or so, I’m down to 175.8 lbs (on my digital scale, so you know it’s not lying). Hooray for me!

On an opposite note, I went over my points today. We had a final in thermo, and I studied straight from 10 am until 12:30, then from 2-6:30 (when we stopped and started the test itself). It was a joke. I’m not even going to talk about that trash. But the point is I got nervous and began nibbling again. A handful of trail mix here, a 6″ veggie sub there (but it wasnt that bad), and I did drink a lot of crystal light instead of pop. It could’ve been worse, but I had 1/2 a bag of M&Ms that I split with Colin during the exam, and that’s 3 pts. It was just a few points over, but at least I didn’t go to McDonalds afterwards like I wanted to. I just wanted to bury myself in a Big Mac or a double cheese burger, with huge fries. I didn’t, though. I’m proud of myself. After the M&Ms I felt slightly disgusted with myself, but it’s okay. I’ll just be better tomorrow.

Sleep tight.


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