I feel so stupid writing right now. I’m in tears over not finishing my physics homework. I don’t know how to do it (at all!), and I feel like a moron admitting that. I’m smart – I shouldn’t have to ask for help!! But I do, and it just rips me apart. This, plus my parents being retarded (which I don’t want to talk about), and Matt’s house burning down, and problems with other people (which of whom I don’t even know!!!), I’m going insane. Becca’s moving out on friday, and I should be thrilled (I am, I think). But, then I’ll have me as my own company. That’s rotten luck, isn’t it? And I can’t even keep J happy (even though he has his thesis to thank for that). I got so used to having him around that, now that he’s not, it’s disheartening. I just need a good cry – maybe that’ll clear things up 😛


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