3rd weigh in, and a big no no

3rd Weigh In: 174 lbs exactly. Woo for me.

I did something bad today. So, I was thirsty. I went to Starbucks and got a Caramel Light Frap. It’s 3 points for a Grande (it was 85 degrees today, so i totally deserved one). But, I also picked up a “Non-Fat Vanilla Yogurt Parfait”. Non-fat it says. And the back was reasonable – granted it had a LOT of calories, but it also had 4g of fiber. I put it into the calculator tonight when I remembered I ate it, and it was SIX POINTS. WTF?! So, I totally went over on my points. I had the same whole-wheat pasta dinner that I had last night, and a turkey sandwich for breakfast. For snack times I had tomatoes and celery and such. What am I supposed to do?! I was so good, and now I’m not. Crap.


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