4th Weigh In – No Loss.

Still 174. I didn’t try too hard this week, so it makes sense. I had taco bell once (so shoot me, I caved and was hungry), but had salad and other good things after that. I can’t keep caving, though. So, to make up for it (and my lack of activity – I blame Ragtime and midterms), I’ve been eating chicken breast, asparagus, artichoke, salad, and whole grain types of foods. I also got egg whites for omelettes, and some more Weetabix. I think it has 2 points for two biscuits. I also got fat free mayonnaise, and fat free italian dressing. It’s really tasty šŸ™‚ Hopefully it’ll be better next week.


One thought on “4th Weigh In – No Loss.

  1. Don’t get to down on yourself, just pick up, continue and decide to do better next week. And it could have just been water weight. Sometimes this happens and you did lose but it doesn’t show on the scale for a week or so. Oh and Taco bell. The crispy tacos aren’t that bad if you just eat one (eating one seems to be my problem, but if you just order one than it is easier). That’s how I dealt with Taco Bell runs last summer with Inna. Check the points… I can’t remember exactly what it was.

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