Another weigh in, and I’m down to 172(.4)

So my scale does things in 10ths, and I feel bad whenever I tell WW that I’m 172, and I’m really 172.4. Oh well, it’s all in the rounding I suppose. Of course, the 4/10 of a lb means nothing, really. I could change that by going pee (true story).

I wanted to rant for a second about certain magazines that will remain anonymous, but claim that cycling does nothing for your body and you should run instead. Ok, do you know what? I rode only 40 mins today, about 11 miles (10.95 to be exact), and i burned a whopping 600 calories. Yeah, suck it. Would I burn that much running? No. Would I hurt my shins doing it at the same time? YES. You people who say cycling is sooooo easy, well you try strapping your feet to your bike and riding up a 30 degree hill without stopping, because you know that if you do, you wont be able to start again. And then after that, ride another 15 miles or so, at a pace of 15-17 mph. Sounds easy, right? NO. Screw you guys for thinking that.

And honestly, look at the likes of Lance Armstrong, Jason Donald, Alessandro Petacchi… they’re all fucking ripped and svelte, all from cycling. So, to all you people who say cycling is a waste of time, stick to running and such… screw you guys. There. I’m finished.


2 thoughts on “Another weigh in, and I’m down to 172(.4)

  1. 172(.4), YAY!

    And I think biking is good. Most people just don’t push themselves hard enough I think, that’s why I run, I push myself harder running than I do on a bike. And as far as the guys go… yum.

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