172…. again

Hey, I didn’t gain. I’m not complaining. I didn’t lose, but oh well. I’m just glad I’m under 180 still. I have this fear that I’m going to wake up one morning to see that all my work has gone to waste.

In other news, I had mac n cheese tonight, but only a cup. I wanted to eat the whole bowl, believe me, but I didn’t. For that, I am proud of myself. I think I need to eat a bit healthier to be honest. I had weetabix for breakfast with skim milk, dried fruit bits, and tea. Oh, and I think an english muffin was involved at some time. For lunch, I had 2 Cha Siu Bao’s, with salad and Light Ranch Dressing (10 pts), and for dinner, I had the mac n cheese with a diet Dr. Pepper. Yeah, that was it. I’m not hungry, and I’m so upset right now I don’t think I could eat anymore.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, but I doubt it.

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