A little overboard?

Jason made a really good pasta thing for dinner tonight. Mushrooms with a bit of bread on them, with garlic, rotini, dandelion greens, spinach, and tomatoes. I loved it!! Then, we had garlic bread and salad. LOTS of salad. But, also, lots of garlic bread. Oops. I had like, 3 pieces. They were small pieces to be sure, but I should have weighed them and counted them properly. It couldn’t have been good for me.

For dessert, Jon made banana shakes. OH and I had an oyester. Cripes. I mean, I only had a cup of shake, and it had non-fat milk. But, obviously I didn’t do so well at dinner. Lunch kind of cost me since I like cheese and lunch meat, despite it being kind of heavy for such a small amount of food.

I spent 29.5 points tonight, but it was probably more than that (i skimped on the points for the bread). More like 32.5. So, I have very little overflow points for the rest of the week. I try not to use those at all, tbh. It wasn’t like I ate half a pizza. And it was small. Oh who am I kidding? Bleh.

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