Pie crust is gooooood

Have you ever bought the pre-made pie crusts from Safeway or Freddies or wherever? They are SO tasty, especially if they’re made in a pie. But no, I didn’t make a pie. I just ate the crust. I didn’t eat all of it… but I ate a fair amount. I had like, 3 servings of dough (3/8 of the pie). One serving is 2 or 3 points. Oops. It was total stress snacking. I’m watching Jason’s dog over the weekend while he and his parents are fishing up in Astoria, and Kenz has just been an absolute terror. He’s running around the house, breaking things, ruining my yard… but I don’t have the heart to tell him that Kenz is a menace sometimes. It’s not as bad as it sounds, and he was actually pretty good for most of the afternoon, until he started to pace and whine and his farts smelled like death. Finally, he started to jump up and down a lot and looked SO uncomfortable, so I let him out and he just took a massive squishy dump on my lawn. Gross. It’s raining too, so I don’t want to pick it up, even though it’ll just get MORE squishy.

So, I used 33.5 points today. My limit is 24, but the pie did it. That was 8 points. If I hadn’t eaten the crust, then I would’ve been under 24. Everything else was okay!! I had Weetabix, tea, cottage cheese, gherkins, pasta salad, cooked salmon, zucchini/squash, and a bit of tartar sauce. Dammit, this was supposed to be a good day. Now I have to go to sleep with pie crust in me. I feel ill 😛

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