Nokia N95

I must have one of these. No, really, I MUST HAVE ONE. Not only is it much shinier than the iPhone (and unfortunately, more expensive), it has many more features, loaded with apps, and it’s already here. You know, I don’t have to wait long for the iPhone, with all of it’s promised gadgets and beauty. Yes, it’s beautiful, but I don’t want to type on a screen with no buttons. I need buttons. Lots of buttons. And this phone DELIVERS with buttons. The only unfortunate part is the lack of battery life. The N95 has a talk time of only 240 minutes, with a standby of 250 hours. But, word to the wise: with all these added features like VoIP calls (ie: Skype), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS Navigation, MP3 player and movie player (ie: whole movies like Blood Diamond), your battery life will suffer greatly. It’s not something an overnight charge can’t fix, but it’s still annoying.

Check out the post on

Be sure to watch the 5 minute video of the blogger’s use of the interface. You’ll totally pee yourself.


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