So much reading!

I feel like I’m shopping for religions. I’ve created this flow chart of similarities and differences, including cultural differences associated with said religion (you know, only Islam and Hindu really have anything in that column). But, I’m not into the ‘pagan’ polytheistic religions. I’ve had my monotheistic religion drilled into my head since I was a kid. Granted, like I said, my parents never really made Steven or I do anything we didn’t want to, but if I had told them I wanted to be Muslim, we would’ve had words. I’m still afraid since I’m even considering it that they’ll stop talking to me, or that they’ll think I made a rash decision and to pretend I didn’t join or something (ONLY if I become a Muslim, mind). Being Catholic kind of poses a bit of a problem. I can just go join another religion, but I don’t know what that would do to my position in the choir. Can non-Catholics even sing in choir? Would I still have to take communion? I’m not really comfortable doing so anymore, so can I just pull my director aside and explain this to him? It’s a bit hard when I’m surrounded by Catholics. I feel like I’ll be lynched or told “No, you can’t come back, ha!” Well crap. I like singing, and I like playing, and the only difference would be me not taking Communion. I don’t think Evan takes communion, come to think of it. He told me he wasn’t catholic, and it took him forever to remember all the prayers.

Crap. The prayers. We’re so exposed to the rest of the church that they would see in a heartbeat that I’m not praying with them. I don’t want to be disrespectful.

This is going to take a lot more thought than I previously imagined. I really like the idea of the leaders of Islam being chosen because of scholastic achievement – not divine appointment. They have no pope, no hierarchy, nothing like that. It’s just you and Allah, and you have a chosen member of the community leading Friday prayers at noon. I’ll read more, and maybe get the balls to go talk to someone. I shouldn’t be worried about what my friends will think, but I am of course. Would they want to remain friends with a western Muslim? Ppft, probably not.


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