So, this is a recent move to WordPress. I have to say that I love it! I can consolidate all of my google blogs, and no one gets hurt. I didn’t realise there was such a break in the blogs though. I’ve dated Jason for nearly a year, and I barely mention him. The story of Joe never really got out, so it’s left out of the blog (in reality, the whole story is on my Live Journal and I can’t remember my password). I also no longer work at the wave lab – I work for Peak Internet in customer service and tech support. I’m finally in my last year of uni, and I strangely want nothing to do with it (read: I’m being lazy).

It’s just nice to see everything up in one place for once. It was a lot to wade through and put into categories. Categories are fun!

I also just got a comment that someone does read my blog… and it was posted 5 minutes ago. Super scary. They’ll leave soon when they realise my life isn’t all that exciting đŸ™‚


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