Mac OS 10.5 – Leopard

These are my first thoughts on Apple’s new operating system:


I installed it just fine on my MacBook (13″ Black, 2 Ghz Core-2 Duo, 1 Gb Ram), and it’s soooo shiny. I love Spaces, and the new dock and toolbar are visually appealing. Even Time Machine is a neat idea. I’ve not had a chance to try out iChat yet, but the Mail programme creates really neat layouts – provided you want to send a real ‘letter’ in email instead of just an email.

Oh yeah, so it broke my iMac when I loaded it (20″, 2.something Ghz Core-2 Duo, 2 Gb Ram). I did an ‘upgrade’ install, and had backed up my music on my MacBook (and House episodes!). My thesis and research were on my keys as usual. So, after the first install and restart, the screen stayed blue. The HD wasn’t spinning, and I let it sit for an hour or so. So, I forced a shut down, waited, then booted it back up from the DVD that was still in the drive. I tried another install again, and same result. Then I was paranoid I lost everything. I went to Apple’s Support and found this post by Chris Mcculloh:

I managed to fix this issue with my machine. I was getting the BSoD (for shame, Apple, doing the same thing we used to be able to prod Windows users about) and suspected it to be APE. Rather than go through the insanity of uninstall/restore/archive and reinstall, etc, I decided to try to manually uninstall APE and continue booting. It worked. APE is used by a lot of plugins, most notably by Unsanity (ShapeShifter, amongst others). The uninstall, based on their site at is:

Please note that this does involve manipulation of files from the root prompt. This is not for the faint-of-heart, or those who are unfamiliar with the UNIX file system/command structure.

1. Reboot into single-user mode (hold Cmd-S while booting machine)
2. Follow the directions OSX gives you when you get to the prompt (I think these were them – just type the two commands it tells you to):
fsck -fy /
/sbin/mount -uw /
3. Remove the following files:
rm -rf /Library/Preference Panes/Application Enhancer.prefpane
rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/Application Enhancer.framework
rm -rf /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Application Enhancer.bundle
rm -rf /Library/Preferences/com.unsanity.ape.plist
4. Exit, to continue booting normally

Interesitng, no? I was paranoid to go into my root, but I did, and then I did as described above. I HAD tweeked the OS a bit on my own, and thought that did something. After that, I reinstalled using the archive and install option instead of just upgrading.

After that, everything just… worked. I think it was the combination of doing that, plus the archive and install. Unfortunately, I decided to make a new user instead of keeping my old settings (like an idiot) so I don’t know how to fix it now. I just copied over my important stuff, like the programmes out of the applications file, and my music, pictures, and documents. Some of my programs wont work now, but that’s not a big deal – I can redownload them and redo them.

All in all, here’s my message to apple:

You guys messed up. Never, EVER release something where this could possibly happen on thousands of computers. That discussion link goes to thousands of views and problems, all that happened really on the new iMacs and a few powerbooks, and your support had no idea why that was happening. Next time, make sure you test your new programme thoroughly before doing a massive worldwide release.

Ok, that’s my last complaint. I started to put it on my iMac at 6:30 pm, and it didn’t work until 2:30-3 am. Oh well, such are the pains of putting on a new OS.


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