Oregon State – Fight Fight Fight!

The battle for [American] football supremacy is a long-belaboured tradition in Oregon.  The Civil War – the ‘battle’ so to speak of north vs. south, or rather Oregon State (the north, non-commies) vs. Oregon (southern, dirty commie bastards).  Don’t let my opinions get in the way of your appreciation of an inferior university (Oregon, not Oregon State).  No matter!  This weekend was the 111th Civil War game – the 7th oldest meeting in the country.  (Another example would be the Big Game of Stanford vs. Cal… my family are Cardinals, so of course we root for Stanford… and they won [which was a fluke – like England losing to Croatia.]).

Okay, so we won.  This is a very, very big deal.  Not only were they a ranked team (17th when we started… unranked when we finished), but it was at Autzen Stadium, and not at Reser (our home turf).  No away team has won in 20 years or so (don’t quote me on that), so it was exciting.  We were tied in the final minutes, and went into first OT.  Still no score, I believe.  Then we went into second OT, and they got a field goal (for 3 pts).  We scored a touchdown, and the extra point.  OMFG Ashley and I went ballistic!! We were yelling and pumping our arms in the air and high-fiving.  2nd best feeling in the world to OSU winning the College World Series (twice).

We were robbed of a touchdown in the middle of the game, but I’ll let that slide since we won.  But, if the retarded call was made by the SAME retarded ref from a few weeks ago when we butchered the huskies, I’m going to have some anger issues.  A flaming baggy of doggy doo may end up on the Pac-10’s porch.


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