Romney… defender of ‘all’ faiths?

Today, there was an article on BBC News about Mitt Romney and his bid for the presidency.  Now, I kind of dismissed him as a candidate because he’s mormon.  I don’t have problems with mormons – many of my friends are mormon.  I have problems with my mormon family members trying to convert me every single time I see them. (“Kristin! Have you read that book I gave you yet?” “No, not yet Aunt Ronda.” “Well, why not?” “I misplaced it” (read: it’s holding up the corner of my couch that sags a bit too much).) My father’s sister decided to convert to mormonism, married a guy 10+ years her elder, and then proceeded to have seven children, who all in turn had about five kids each.  I have no idea what my 2nd cousins’ names are because they’re all products of baby farmers.

*sigh* That’s off my chest.  Now, this article really makes me rethink Romney as a potential candidate. He promises to defend all faiths, but does that include non-Christianity faiths?  What about Hindus? Muslims? Jews?  Just because he holds the same ideals as most religions (and yes, you can argue until you’re blue in the face that being Catholic is different from being Protestant, or even from being Muslim, but it’s the same batch of ideals, so get over it) doesn’t mean he’ll support Muslims or Hindus.  Most people think Muslims are terrorists, despite the few vocal people saying, “No, that’s not true!” unfortunately, the majority of uninformed America does.

Here’s an example: At work the other week, I wore my hijab (which isn’t a usual occurrence at work, but is most of the time otherwise, like to class, hanging out, etc) and was called a sand ni**er.  I was rather appalled.  I told him that I preferred the term “Sand ninja”.  He didn’t quite know what to say to that.

Will Romney defend non-Christians?  There seems to be a bit of profiling about terrorists (granted, there have been a lot of angry Muslims, and I do NOT support that), but I want to make sure my religion is as protected as all the Christian religions in America.  If this article is true, then maybe I’ll reconsider Romney.


4 thoughts on “Romney… defender of ‘all’ faiths?

  1. I guess you must be referring to some other speech. You might want to check out the one he gave on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007, from the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in Texas. If that doesn’t convince you he’s a fascist pig, I feel sorry for you.

  2. Its interesting that you “Female physicist, muslim, musician” would actually consider Romney … I would have thought you would vote for like Al Gore or Ralph Nader if they ran …

    I guess its cool that you can actually be open enough to entertain the idea of Romney as the president …

  3. In response to S – Yeah, you’d be surprised how open-minded some people are. Until he proves himself to be the next Hitler (or scary psychopath), he’s still being considered. Most are still being considered – both sides, that is. There’s no harm in looking over party lines to see who would be good for the job.

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