Nearly 7 am… still’ve not slept.

So, I’m on a very, very bad sleep schedule at the moment. I’ve been up all night, and I sleep much of the day (quite like a Vampire, my sister pointed out, I believe). So here I am, buttcrack of dawn, and what have I accomplished? I made a new family on the Sims, and I prayed my fajr prayer. Fajr means morning in Arabic, I think… you’d think someone who took Arabic and got a B would know that, but nooooo, I still know nothing. I speak more Afrikaans than Arabic, dankie. (Ik en ontsteld dat ek kan nie slaap.)  You know, fajr prayer is the prayer I do consistently despite the early hour of the morning? It’s so easy to wake up, do wudu’, and then pray, and fall back into bed. Next quarter I won’t have that luxury because I have class at 8 (painful!).

On another note, The Special One turned down the FA today. I knew he would, but there was a diehard part of me that really, really wanted him to take the team to new levels. He said some nice words, but they fell on deaf ears as Britons everywhere realised we’re now stuck with a bunch of Italians. (See earlier post regarding Mourinho and Italian football manager Fabio Capello.) Seems as though he and Marcello Lippi are the two favourites for the job. Most of you will remember Capello for his… exploits… last year. Lippi, on the other hand, was the reason Italy won the World Cup in 2006. Yes, Marcello Lippi is the badass that brought Italy to their victory. Do I smell a victory for England? You bet your dinges I do.

Writing about footy at seven am is NEVER a good idea. Going to sleep.


One thought on “Nearly 7 am… still’ve not slept.

  1. Vamp, come see me Wednesday after dropping Justin off and we’ll go for coffee and you can get your random December 25th present from me.

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