Tech Support… from the other side.

Wow, now I know how my customers feel when they call us. But, I like to think we’re not some foreign company with terrible accents that call you ma’am and sir all the time (I call our customers by their first names, thanks). The lady I spoke to at the phone company to fix the DSL was incompetent, and called me Ms. Kristin, and called dad Mr. Wayne. Retard. She said “I need to perform a line test, bla bla.” That’s fine, we kind of do the same thing, but we see if they’re trained up to one of our servers, and we ping their modem. Apparently our modem is training up, but that isn’t the problem. The problem is the fact that our modem is assigning an IP to itself, because Rob had it set up as our own little network (which I don’t want). This is bad. I can’t get into the settings because my computer won’t let me – it just times out, and I have Ms. Foreign Tech Support on the line. She doesn’t put me on hold though, because I can’t hear music – she just puts me on mute like everyone else does.


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