Bored in Geo

Have you eer been bored to tears? It’s not a secret that I’m good at maths, and very, very good at mathematical applications. (duh, I’m a physicist). So, I can easily do rather hard problems in my head. You want me to take the curl of that magnetic field? No problem.

In geology, he introduced vectors to the class. OMFG am I surrounded by retards. Not only did their vectors make no sense, but vector addition is no where near correct. I’m loath to correct the professor. The question was, “In which direction is the Pacific Plate moving, and what kind of fault is the San Andreas?”

I cheated a bit. My parents and I live on TOP of the fault, so of course I know. “Right-lateral strike-slip,” I piped up.
“How do you know that?”
“I live there. Like, right there.”
“Well, how would you determine it without living there?”
“Vector addition and common sense,” I monotoned.

Yeah, that was hard for the rest of the class. The resident brown-noser was wrong every single time. I miss my physics friends – seriously.


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