3 day weekends!

…Are the best! But, not when you have to work Sunday and Monday and can’t leave town to go do anything, like ski. Ashley and I had a huge sorority to do on friday night, which included a banquet and induction for 7 new girls. We looked awesome 🙂 Here’s a pic of me from sorority (and no, I’m not in hijab… it’s a female-only event):

Me in my sorority finery

Nice, no? I like to think so. I think I’m pretty. So after that, we got coffee and went home because the other girls went drinking. She’s under 21, and I don’t drink (obviously). We had a good time 🙂 We drove to NASHVILLE, of all places (ok, Nashville, Oregon is way super different than Nashville, TN). We saw Logsden Road, which isnt a big deal for you, but remember those power outages I tell you about? Most single or 2-home outages come from this location, and it’s REALLY in the middle of nowhere, about 30 mins away into unincorporated Lincoln County (just look it up on google maps: go from Corvallis, OR to Nashville.) It was cool 🙂 Ok, not cool in your eyes, but I had fun.

Ashley ended up spending the night and she played Sim City Societies for hours while I slept and went online on the lappy. Come to think of it, she’s playing right now, and it’s about 18:30. We went to Costco and flirted with some TKEs (we both had on our Phi Rho letters), and… I’m in bed again. Im sleepy 😛

Ok, so the weekend hasn’t been exciting so far, but this is how I like to spend my weekends! I like to do nothing useful and laze about. I mean, what are bank holidays for, anyways?


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