Special Thanks

I never realised how many people missed my Chelsea blather.  Thanks for all of your emails and messages on Facebook.  I really appreciate it 🙂  I’ll whip up something about Avram Grant later on when I have a bit more time at work.

On a separate note, congrats to the New York Giants and the Pats for making the Superbowl.  Of course, I want to see the Pats lose (because I don’t like Tom Brady, but that’s a personal dislike and has nothing to do with his talent).  One note: he was seen four or five days ago with a walking boot on his right foot, and the chatter around the sports sites have been rather inconclusive.   Ashley and I think he has a pulled muscle he’s trying to rest before the 3rd, but some other people have been talking about a hairline fracture, etc.  People are blowing this way out of proportion.  Unless he’s visibly dying, or visibly in pain, he’ll play on the 3rd.  Most NFL coaches have a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy regarding injuries to their star players, and if they’re functioning under their own power and don’t believe the injury will be exacerbated by play, then they’ll be put in.  The Pats need Brady playing, because he’s pretty much the entire team. (That’s my opinion, anyways).


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