What girls love…

I went back and read my old post of “45 Things A Girl Would Die For”, and is it pathetic to say I sighed and smiled when I read it?  Many of them are repetitive, but they’re true.  I loved it when a guy would sling his arm around my shoulder while we walked, or held my hand.  Not on the list are a few things I loved:

-When he rubs your feet with his, trying to keep them warm at night.
-He kisses you over and over until you giggle. It usually makes him smile back.
-When he tickles you just to see you smile.
-When you tickle him back and you find that one spot that makes him go crazy. He doesn’t like shrieking like a girl, but you like getting him back for tickling you!
-When he holds your hand while you’re curled up together watching a movie.
-When he tilts your chin towards him so he can give you a peck.
-When you see him with his friends or at work and you know you can’t talk long, but he gives you that knowing smile that’s just for you, and you know it.
-When he hugs you and won’t let you go.
-When he softly plays with your hair, and tells you that you smell soooo good.
-When he lets you curl up right to his chest, and his arm is around you, and he kisses the top of your head… you really feel loved.
-When he sends you a txt in the beginning of the day, saying he misses you.
Man, that makes me miss dating sometimes.


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