Best Weather Ever

I live in the Willamette Valley (pronounced will-LAM-met, not will-a-met-e or will-a-met), which is in northwest Oregon.  Oregon State University is in Corvallis, OR, which is a town of about 50,000 people, and the two main professions are either 1) working with the school, or 2) working at HP.  It’s been bizarre weather lately.  We’re known for the massive amounts of rain we get, and you know what?  It doesn’t really bug me at all.  I like the rain.  From the end of October, clear through to the end of April, it’s usually raining 6 of the 7 days of the week.  The other day, it’s just overcast.  We really don’t see the sun at all, and you get used to it.  We even have our own depression named after us: Pacific Northwest Seasonal Depression.  Wow.  So, yeah, about the weather:

We’ve been snowed in.

You heard me correctly.  Lots of snow.  We’re only at 500 feet, so it’s hardly high enough for normal amounts of snow during the year.  We usually get a light dusting a few days out of the winter, and ice storms are much more common.  Flooding happens every year, and I keep my pump on in the basement so I don’t have standing water.  Last year, we had a snowstorm in November that lasted over two weeks.  School closed one day, and we had enough snow to make loads of snowmen and have snowball fights and go sledding and snow angels… all those things we dream of while we watch the rain fall.  This year, we’ve had snow.  SNOW.  Inches upon inches upon freezing on top of inches then more inches.  The roads have been so icy there have been more accidents than I could count, and it’s the first year I wish I didnt have a Prius.  Yeah, you heard me, I’m like a closet hippy, driving around in my shiny blue Prius.  It’s bad for snow, especially in the hilly area we live in.  It’s not meant for anywhere but sunny California.

So, I didn’t sleep last night.  I’ve not been sleeping much in the past few days, to be honest.  It’s been a weird weekend for me, especially since Ashley’s been staying with me (thanks to the SNOW, dammit).  I sat up most of the night watching episodes of Chuck on iTunes (great freaking show, you should watch).  Anyhoo, Ashley calls me on Skype last night and says, “My mobile is in your car. Can you remember it tomorrow?”  “Sure, no problem,” I told her.  Then I looked outside.  At the snow.  There was a good four inches on my car this morning around six, and I called her up on Skype (she leaves it on so she can talk to her boyfriend in Germany).  Oh, note to those who live in the midwest: I did not grow up with Snow.  Snow does NOT happen in California.  It’s 65 degrees in the winter time.  I cannot drive in snow.  Oregon does not snow plow under a foot, so the compacted snow turns to giant ice sheets all over the road.  Most Oregonians are like me: they cannot drive in snow.  Those that do have 4x4s who go up to Hood to ski all the time, and even then, the highways up the mountains are kept pretty clear.   OK back to the story.  So I called her on Skype and the conversation went something like this:

K: It’s icy all over the roads. I don’t want to drive to class today.
A: You have to go to class. We didn’t go Friday, and you were sick on Wednesday, so you’ve not been since last week.
K: Thanks for reminding me. Have I mentioned that I have to drive in ice to get there, when most people probably won’t be there?
A: Don’t be a wuss, just go to class.
K: Fine, gah.

So I went.  My Geology class was canceled.  Would’ve been nice if he EMAILED us.  I risked life and limb trying to get to school.  I sat at the Beanery on Monroe and watched cars attempt to stop at the stopsign.  Hehehe, that was funny.  Reminds me of the ice storm in 2004, and doing the same thing.  So, I went to women’s studies and gave Ash so much crap about making me drive on the ice and risking life and limb, and whats worse, I pretended I didn’t have her phone b/c it wasn’t in my car. Soooo mean.  She freaked out.  But, her momentary discomfort was worth it. 🙂

Dunno where this story is going, but it was an interesting day.  I came home after class, slept, and went to work. When I woke up, all the snow was gone because it had rained.  Hooray rain!  It’s supposed to snow again tonight, but I dunno how it’ll be tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t freeze.


One thought on “Best Weather Ever

  1. Since when have you listened to a word of my advice?! And the phone trick was a bit mean. I was picturing it smashed under a layer of snow in the middle of some road. I have to stay that was a quite pointless post. Oh, and thank you for the pronunciation guide.

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