It’s hard to believe that I’ve stayed up until 5:30 am each day for about 3 days straight now. Mon/Wed/Fri is particularly problematic because I have class at 8, so I have to usually get up at 6:30 so I can shower and have breakfast and find parking (*sigh*). So what do I do at night that keeps me up so late? I read a lot. I’ve also discovered a show called “Chuck”, which I think is on NBC. But I downloaded the first half of season 1 on iTunes, and it’s such an excellent show. Best purchase I’ve made in quite a long time. I also watch 24 (I’ve got 6 seasons worth to wade through), and I love The Office (omg so funny). So I watch a lot of downloaded tv shows, and read depressingly long books (War and Peace, anyone?). I sometimes do homework, when I feel like it. It’s just been a long day, usually. (Oh, note: All 3 dispatchers are left handed – we should have a lefty club).


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