Chelsea 1 – 0 Reading

Chelsea won. I was so stoked to come home from uni today to watch Chelsea play LIVE that I was just off my rocker all morning. “Chelsea’s playing!” I whispered to Ash during women’s studies (It’s still a rubbish class, btw). I hummed “Blue is the Colour” for nearly an hour straight. The song is catching, okay? I txt’d my little brother with Celery, Celery! (Mum would’ve been upset if she knew I was chanting THAT).

Ok, for a very brief match ‘report’: Anelka is fairly impressive. He plays with a mechanical beauty like Drogba (but is still hardly on par with him). He fits right in, and there were really no problems at all with his passing or technique. Michael Ballack scored somewhere around the 33′, and that was really the only highlight from the match that I can think of. Reading played very, very hard. They tried their arses off to beat Chelsea, and it just didn’t happen. Even with most of their first team missing, Chelsea still cleans house.

On a separate note, Joe Cole was, and has been, impressive for the past handful of matches. He’s really coming into his own, and will be a definite asset to the England squad.


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