The Wonders of Skype, Volume 2.

*sigh* What’s with people wanting to be tied up?  And need I remind you that I’m not engaged… it just helps stave off the weirdos on Skype.  Yes, they’re weirdos.

fenderstrat: 12:55:01
hi you like to be tied up?
Kristin: 12:55:35
do I?
Kristin: 12:55:37
fenderstrat: 12:55:51
hands tied behind bac?
Kristin: 12:55:53
depends on the purpose
fenderstrat: 12:56:02
its fun
Kristin: 12:56:05
well, are you kidnapping me, raping me, hiding me for later…
fenderstrat: 12:56:14
ever been tied up?
fenderstrat: 12:56:21
hiding you
Kristin: 12:56:29
Oh yes, many time.
Kristin: 12:56:30
Kristin: 12:56:34
I do it when I’m bored even
fenderstrat: 12:56:36
all 3 i think would be nice
fenderstrat: 12:56:58
be tied up on cam?
Kristin: 12:57:06
Now, that’s a stupid question.
fenderstrat: 12:57:06
hands behind back?
fenderstrat: 12:57:13
Kristin: 12:57:14
What purpose would that hold?
fenderstrat: 12:57:25
just like to see you
fenderstrat: 12:57:32
great pic
fenderstrat: 12:57:48
call me?
Kristin: 12:57:55
Kristin: 12:57:58
no, seriously?
fenderstrat: 12:58:04
yes please
Kristin: 12:58:15
you REALLY think asking a girl to pretend to tie herself up for you BY HERSELF AT HOME is the smartest idea?
Kristin: 12:58:20
how is that even remotely a turn on?
fenderstrat: 12:58:46
i have cam
Kristin: 12:58:49
fenderstrat: 12:58:51
call me
Kristin: 12:59:01
I have one as well, doesn’t mean I’ll participate in your little charade.
fenderstrat: 12:59:12
ok just cam then
fenderstrat: 12:59:23
Kristin: 12:59:47
No, seriously. Screw you.
fenderstrat: 13:00:06
youd look good tied up
Kristin: 13:00:08
Play your retarded little games with someone else – I’m not interested.
Kristin: 13:00:26
Oh, I know. My fiancé would love to show you.
Kristin: 13:01:05
So go to hell, and I won’t see you there 🙂
fenderstrat: 13:01:26
thats a no then?
Kristin: 13:01:39
You think?
fenderstrat: 13:02:17
never know with americans, they lie right from the top
Kristin: 13:03:26
Right. So, now that we’ve established this, go to hell.
Kristin: 13:03:31
Find someone else to fuck around with.
Kristin: 13:03:35
Bye 🙂 

One thought on “The Wonders of Skype, Volume 2.

  1. OMG! OMG! Where do you find these guys? These are brilliant. In a sick, scary kind of way. And I too ask what is up with this fetish of tied up girls.

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