What has Drogba done this time?

The whiniest member of the Chelsea first team is at it again. Didier Drogba (who, imo, can whine if he wants to because he’s so good), is upset he didn’t win the African Footballer of the Year award. Aww. He won last year in 2006.

Absence from the award ceremony automatically makes you ineligible, which is hardly understandable. In Drogba’s defense, he had a quarter final for the cup two days later in another country. I honestly wouldn’t travel either, especially if it meant having to leave and come back in less than a day.  Lets see… win African Footballer award, or play in African Cup quarterfinal match in top condition… I’d choose the latter.

Whatever.  So, he’s told them (quite snottily, I think), that he wants nothing to do with the award since he didn’t win, and to just pass him over every year.  I think he thinks he’s making a difference, like they’ll be put out without being able to choose him and his awesomeness.  Well do you know what?  There are plenty of other African footballers who are willing to win the award.  So, Drogba, you’ve really done nothing beneficial to your cause.  Good for you for sticking up for your team and their inadequate rules regarding travel and such, but at the same time, stop being such a whiny little bitch.  Seriously.  You’re awesome, but you’re replaceable.  Get over yourself.

Ok, those are my pissy two cents.   If you want to read the whole article on BBC, click here.


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