Been busy!

Well, no, I’ve had a strep throat kind of thing and I finally got my fever manageable today.  I’ve had school, watched Chelsea play (the Huddersfield match was brilliant… the Champions League match the other day… not so brilliant).  Work was busy on monday.  I had a customer who couldn’t find the escape key (he pronounced it ex-scape).  I was like, “Sir, it’s the button in the top-left corner of your keyboard.”  “Nope, don’t see it.”  *sigh*  “Sir, it’s right there.  It may say ‘esc’ on it?”  No dice.  I worked with him for over 30 mins on just setting up his dial up connection.  Sad.  I’ve not had a customer like that in awhile.  Had to leave early last night b/c my fever was getting worse and I had lost my voice.  My boss was NOT happy with me.  “If you HAVE to leave, then leave,” he said.  Well, I had to leave.  Jerkface.

So, I have the day off today, and I plan on napping on and off, and doing some hw.  May have to go see the dr if my fever doesn’t totally go away.  It’s only 100.6F right now, which isn’t *bad* persay.

Oh, in women’s studies today, they played my song!  I turned in the song “The Veil” by Dawud Whamsby Ali as a feminist song, and I explained how the song is really an answer to all those people who say wearing hijab is oppression.  Some people wear it in solidarity with those who have to wear it, but it’s a choice for me I suppose.  I’m still not wearing it 24/7 yet, but I’m getting there.  I think it gets easier every time 🙂


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