Apparently everyone knows now.

Yeah, when I start telling people, word travels fast.  I got a txt like, 5 mins later, from my little brother’s ex-girlfriend.  I mean, I really like Jenny, so I’m okay with that.  But seriously, did he mass-text every friggin person he knows with, “My sister has cancer. Omg.”  I told mum today, on the way to work (which was kind of shitty of me).  It went kind of like this:

K: Hi Mum.
M: Hi luv.  Long time no speak.
K: I know, I’ve been really busy sorting my life out.
M: Personal or university life?
K: Personal. Remember all those tests I was doing?
M: Yes…
K: Well, they came back positive….

…and you can gather the rest of the conversation.  It was okay, though.  They’re not going to come up here, and she told me I probably shouldn’t be stressing about coming home to see them before I leave for the UK since driving up to Portland and back, plus flying in a plane with dirty, recycled air is, well, stressful.  I have to agree with her on that one, and I’ve got school/sorority/work/cancer stuff to deal with.  I totally pulled the cancer card like, three times today.  It’s such a shitty thing to do.  Someone tells me their problems, and they’re TOTALLY shitty.  My friends are breaking up with their significant others right and left (seriously, like four people in two days, where’s the love?), so I get calls from them and they’re like, “I really hurt, I broke up with my girlfriend of a month, it really sucks, she’s such a slut,” etc etc.  I’m like, “I’ve been meaning to call you, and I don’t mean to steal your thunder, but I’ve got cancer.”  And they’re like, “Wow, that puts my life into perspective,” and then I feel like a bitch.  I can’t help it.  I told the choir at St. Mary’s when I went to play piano tonight, and all the women (and some of the men) started to cry.  And that made me almost cry.  And the Germans were there, and they were shocked and almost cried.  Too much crying.  Mum cried at the end of our conversation (she started to choke up), and I told my boss and my friends at work… and some of them cried.  It was just a crappy day.

One of my friends has been coming over every night pretty much to look after me.  He’s the sweetest thing on two legs, and I owe him so, so much.  He’s let me cry, and held my hand, and we got trashed together, and played Gears of War (that was fun).  I don’t know how to repay him.  So, thanks, Sean.  I freaking owe you 20,000.  You’re the best 🙂


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