After four days of chemo…

… I don’t feel that bad. I mean, during the whole rigamarole I feel like crap, and I’m throwing up some, or the room is spinny, or whatever. At the very beginning I’m fine and I can read or watch tv (or pick up hot cancer guys like today). There was a nice guy with leukemia sitting next to me named Jeremy, and we were chatting for awhile. There was a guy with hodgkins lymphoma (mine is non… the only cancer known for what it’s not), and he was totally checking jeremy out. I told Jeremy the guy across the way was gay for him, and he was like, “na uh.” I was like, “omg totally”.

Did I mention chemo makes you retarded? There’s actually a name for it: Chemo Brain. I’m not kidding! Look it up on google! It makes you forget all sorts of shit. I forgot physics today, apparently. I tried to do my optics hw, and HA, that was a joke. It was more of the fact that I felt gross and was tired and didn’t want to pay attention rather than have actual chemo brain (but it does happen!).

People keep staring at my bald head. I’ve been asked, “Why’d you shave your head?” and instead of saying, “Because I wanted to be like Natalie Portman,” I say, “I shaved my head because I have cancer.” Ouch. Buzzkill.

It’s super late, and I’ve got to be at the outpatient place at 9:00, so I have to get to sleep. Shower time! (yes, shower at 5:40 am).


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