Happy Holy Week!

Yes yes, the time of year when Catholics go to mass thursday night to venerate the cross, sermon on friday for Stations of the Cross (whee), Saturday night Easter Vigil (3 hours there, and most likely a violation of the fire code), and Sunday morning Easter (I go just so I can sing Jesus Christ is Risen Today). Looks like we’re going to mass when I’m in the UK – I just have to find something to wear now. πŸ˜› I don’t know what’s appropriate there as opposed to here. Here, I’d wear a suit for easter (all I own are black suits), but there, I’m not sure. Skirt? Dress? I freaking hope not a dress. I have denim trousers, and I could wear… a button down shirt of some sort, with a jumper (sweater).

On another note, it’s holey week as well (see how clever I am?) My second round of chemo started this morning, and I got a shot in my ass for something or another. NOT awesome. I also got normal chemo, and injections of stuff to make my red and white cells grow faster. They gave me percocet for it since (apparently) it hurts bad. My hips fucking ache. I’m going to go lay back down (well, I am laying down, but using my lappy). My parents bought me a 160 Gb iPod to use during chemo. (Their note: Hi Sweetums, this is to use during chemo so you can watch your little films and listen to music. Hope you’re feeling well. Love, Mummy and Daddy xx)

Hey, I’m not complaining. Now I have another iPod to add to my collection (seriously, I have a collection). I watched The Mighty Boosh for awhile, and slept. It was nice πŸ™‚

I think I’m going to sleep more. I had a popsicle earlier, and that’s all I could keep down. I’ll try chicken broth or something next. ❀


2 thoughts on “Happy Holy Week!

  1. “Your little films”… really???

    Thats sweet tho.

    I’ll come by tomorrow (today now I guess) before my appointment and take care of the cat and if needed the hamster, who we have established hates me. Did I mention that it jumped out of my hands and into the sink to get away from me. I don’t think water in the sink would have stopped it. If you want me to do some shopping (Chicken Broth?) leave some cash on the coffee table and I’ll go to Safeway since you sound like you are in pain…

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