Just because I have cancer doesn’t mean I’m disallowed any sort of fun for the next 18 (16, now) weeks. Some of my sorority sisters and I went to an Engineering Ball a few weeks ago. It was fun! Ashley and I dressed up in super fancy outfits, and I got my hair done.

back of my hair

See? It’s pretty! After that, we ended up going to a party at a guy’s house (he was in the band), and we’ve gone to these parties every-other week since.  So, it was party numero 3 last saturday (at least they’re on my off-weekends for chemo, right?).  They’re typical college parties – kings cup, beer pong, dancing/music, Wren always ends up making some sort of cake/brownie/cookie, and there are LOADS of drunk people.

The first time I played beer pong, I lost (badly).  I played again later that night, and we won, but barely methinks.  The second party, I had stopped drinking by the time I played.  Quinn and I were on the same team (he’s really cute – too bad he has a gf, and I really like her, so I can’t say bad things), and we won in four rounds.  Yes, you heard correctly.  We cleaned house in four rounds.  The other team was slaughtered.  It was awesome 🙂  I’ll live in beer pong history (well, at least, Manor beer pong history).  Then I played with Jesse (a girl in my sorority, who’s awesome), against RJ and David.  Now, I seem to ALWAYS play against RJ.  Hillary was my designated drinker since I can’t drink out of cups other people have drunk from, and we barely won.  BUT, we did infact win, and it allowed me to do the smacking-ass nya nya nya thing I like to do.  🙂  I don’t get to do it often.

When we played King’s Cup a few weeks ago… I lost badly.  When we have the 5 questions that you think other people have done and you haven’t, I lose.  Seriously.  But, I win with things like, “I’ve never ironed my clothes before,” and “I’ve never mowed the lawn because we have gardeners,” etc.  Nice.

I found clothes for easter, and they’re being shipped super fed-ex from Banana republic.  I should get them Wednesday.  I got a tweed A-line dress, brown shoes, a red belt, and I’ll find a sweater at home to wear around my shoulders.  OH, and a really nice coat.  I’m excited 🙂  It only cost me… $530.  Ouch.  Lets not discuss that again.

On a separate note, look at this website here.  They have a great recipe for braised beaver.  You think I’m kidding? I’m not.  Thank you, Jason, for the lovely recipe list.  Oh, and he should thank my old boss at the Wave Lab – apparently she looks for recipes like this while she’s in long conference calls. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Parties!

  1. Notes on Parties:
    1) There are lots of drunk people. In fact you missed shirtless o’clock… yes, everyone was drunk and took off their shirts. 4 of us girls kept our shirts on, Hillary, me, and 2 others. Its all good… I ended up crashed on the couch with Wren who was sitting there in her bra. Then the markers came out. Everyone looked like they’d come out the wrong end of a Frat party.

    2) I think RJ just wants to get Hillary drunk, so he always plays against you.

    3) You’ll look really cute, so the $530 will be worth it.

    4) Braised Beaver is just wrong… keep from out duck friends.

  2. Oh and someone started numbering breasts. I threatened to cut the hand off the first guy who came near me with a marker. They kept a wide berth after that. And I might now have a reputation as a bitch… oh well! 😀

  3. Actually, since you have cancer, you aren’t allowed to go to parties and have fun. It’s the way things work.

  4. I’m totally allowed to go to parties, thanks. I TOLD you that you could come with me, Sean. I think it’d be fun. You’d defend my honour and everything. Seriously, you’d spear anyone who came within a five foot radius of my breasts.

  5. Can he spear people in defense of my breasts? I or will you do that? Seeing as my boobs are your play things.

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